Welcome to the website of Aurora Translations. These pages are an expression of Aurora’s strong desire to work with skill and love to achieve useful and effective results and products in the fields of TRANSLATION, ECOLOGICAL COMMUNICATION/NLP and CREATIVITY.



Hello, my name is Silvia, and I and some friends have been working together in this field for a long time, translating to and from many different languages. We like to work with care, paying attention to detail, taking the necessary time and using the appropriate resources for each individual piece of work. We offer a prompt service, and we always pay attention to quality. Our love of languages is a defining trait of our lives, and, to us, a text – be it literature, marketing, or any other subject – is first and foremost a treasure to cherish and discover.

In every text there is an essential message which needs to be understood and brought across carefully, with respect for all its peculiarities, thus allowing the communication present in the original version to be preserved rather than misrepresented.

Respect for the text, its meaning and its particularities, is to us a golden rule and a priority. That is why, when working on a new project, we don’t just “translate”, we “study”, using various sources, in order to grasp those little details that help to make a really precise and accurate translation.

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Aurora Translations loves all languages and the manifold messages the earth has to offer its inhabitants, from spoken language to the messages delivered through the five senses (non-verbal and para-verbal communication). Part of Aurora’s activities involves the promotion of play and teaching activities aimed at making the notions of ecological communication and humanistic NLP available to a wider range of users.

We offer simple ideas that can be used to improve our approach and our communication with the people around us (and sometimes even with ourselves).
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